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Consultancies for the following organizations: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); Family Health International; Universities: UNDP; UNODC; UNICEF; USAID; UNAIDS; Clinton Initiative; WHO, etc. (see consultancy history)

· Conduct HIV and other infections biological and behavioral surveillance among hard-to-reach populations using    adaptive sampling methods.

· Develop and conduct population size estimation techniques to measure the sizes of hard-to-reach populations.

· Conduct qualitative research to determine most appropriate measurement and sampling strategies given the  population and country contexts.

· Analyze, synthesize and evaluate data to write training manuals, protocols, guidance, workbooks, country              reports, peer-reviewed journal articles and other actionable materials.

· Test, review, and develop questionnaires and indicators for measuring HIV and other infections, sexual behavior,  program coverage and quality, stigma and discrimination and other related content areas

· Monitoring and evaluate programs related to HIV and services for hard-to-reach populations.

· Analyze and triangulate data, use modeling programs (AIDS epidemic model, Spectrum) to assess city, regional  and country level HIV and program impact.


Tulane University, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

· Conduct annual course on sampling and population size estimation techniques to sample and estimate the  population sizes of hard-to-reach populations.

· Provide technical assistance on conducting surveys of hard-to-reach populations using RDS and TLS.

· Supervise graduate and doctoral students conducting research projects

· Conduct analysis and write papers for publication in peer reviewed journals.


University of California, San Francisco, Global Health Sciences

· Provide training, technical assistance and supervision worldwide to conduct qualitative and quantitative research  to measure, monitor and evaluate HIV and other infections prevalence and risk behaviors and guide prevention  strategies among most at risk populations.

· Write technical manuals on data analysis, HIV prevention, sampling and population size estimation and write  papers for publication in peer reviewed journals.


New Mexico Department of Health, Bureau of Infectious Diseases, Santa Fe, NM

· Supervised administrative/financial responsibilities (strategic and management planning, program monitoring and  evaluation, budget oversight and allocation, proposal, contract/protocol development and writing, supervision of  technical and administrative staff, and grant management) for New Mexico’s TB/refugee health programs.

· Coordinated with health clinics, state/private physicians, legal staff, law enforcement agencies, public health  facilities in southwestern US and Mexico, and other entities to ensure and manage directly observed therapy,  treatment completion and contact investigation.

· Coordinated with HIV, STI, immunization programs to develop reports and strategic planning; served as state  representative on border health issues (TX, NM, CA and Mexico).


University of New Mexico (UNM), Department of Emergency Medicine, Albuquerque, New Mexico

· Managed epidemiological research grants/projects (oversight on budgets, data collection and analysis, contract  requirements, Internal Review Board negotiations, progress reports, staff supervision and proposal writing and  budget development)

· Oversaw all phases of research projects related posttraumatic stress disorder

· Coordinated and conducted structured group and individual cognitive behavioral treatment therapy sessions for  traumatized survivors of sexual violence.

· Conducted statistical analyses and interpreted findings for journal articles, reports and presentations.

· Supervised staff.