Respondent Driven Sampling (RDS) Manual

Here is the Introduction to Respondent Driven Sampling, published by WHO/UNAIDS. 
2013. Introduction to HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infection surveillance: Module 4: Introduction to Respondent Driven Sampling. Geneva, Switzerland.

Download from this website here:
 HIV surveillance module 4 - Introduction to respondent-driven sampling.pdf

Here is the supplemental Guide to using RDS Analyst and NetDraw, published by WHO/UNAIDS. 2014. Introduction to HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infection surveillance: Module 4: A Guide to Using RDS Analyst and NetDraw.  Geneva, Switzerland. Switzerland. 
Download from this website here: IntroHIVsupp.GuideToRDS-A26NetDraw.pdf

Lisa G. Johnston,
May 30, 2014, 1:08 AM